Sunday, 28 June 2015

Clare Seal, MA, MRSLI, MASLI (ASLI Trained Mentor)

Clare Seal is a freelance British Sign Language Interpreter who is registered with the National Register of Communication Professionals with Deaf People ( as a MRSLI (fully qualified). She is fully insured, a Member of the Association of Sign Language Interpreters ( and an ASLI Trained Mentor.

Clare works across Devon (and the South West) and is experienced in many domains; such as medical, educational, legal and in social care settings. She also works in a variety of business and industry settings. She has a particular interest in the arts and theatrical interpreting with a background in the creative industries herself. If you would like to book her services, or find out more about the sign language interpreting profession, please feel free to email her at: Alternatively, her mobile phone number is 07751 032 523.