Thursday, 17 March 2016

Last few remaining tickets on sale now at Exeter Phoenix Arts Centre on Wednesday April 13th 1016. Join us for what looks to be a great evening of film Deaf History with the premiere of my short film, Jabber Wocky!



UK, 2016, 75 mins. Dir. Angela Spielsinger
This ground-breaking documentary, released on the 125th anniversary year of the British Deaf Association, explores the untold history and heritage of the Deaf community in the UK as they fought for civil rights and principally, the right to be heard.
Through a combination of social history and archive film with contemporary interviews Power in Our Hands presents Deaf people as an active and resilient community that has long campaigned for its language (British Sign Language) to be recognised. At the heart of the Deaf world BSL is the first language of many people. The Deaf community does not see deafness as a disability; instead positioning itself as a significant cultural and linguistic group with a rich and exciting history stretching back hundreds of years, and with the word ‘Deaf’ (with a capitalised ‘D’) an expression of cultural identity.
This documentary will give people a glimpse into Deaf culture that is mostly hidden from the hearing world.
The screening will be introduced by a short film, Jabberwocky.


A film by Clare Seal, Matt Jenkins and Aiden Green. 2015. 3 mins